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O Sweet Cacophony

by Zed Brookes

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Only you could hit it on the first try, could find your feet in this lie, only you. Only you could land in money face down, find the heart of this town, but maybe soon? Yeah soon, you'll be breaking through the red line, spinning like a turbine, baby it's all right, baby it's all night parties Now that you can Fly When You're Falling down. Only you could break the ice in this dark, could count the beat of this heart, check one two... Looking good, you're getting high on live wires, you're screaming like a turbine, baby it's all right, baby it's all night parties now that you can fly when you're falling down. Waving goodbye. And you'll fly when you're falling.
Exploring space between the lines, the taste of love, your place or mine, you are my moon, you are my world, but you're not the girl you were. You once were wild and now you're Zen, once my connoisseur, my beneficial friend. Still the golden apple of my eye, but you're not the guy you were. High five for getting wise, call of the wild. (Coming, darling.) Tears for Fears and coaster rides, dreams flew past in hyperdrive, while empires fell in miniature, ‘cos you're Not The Girl You Were. Smokescreensavers hide the lie, that you're not the guy you were. Slowquickslow we all concur, that you're not the girl/guy you were.
You've swallowed society's views, you wallow in second-hand news, your head and your heart are so far apart. Like strangers with nothing to say, brain stampeding while the heart sneaks away, you think it won't hurt if your head does the work. Analyse, criticize, theorize, close your eyes, keeps you with the upper hand. Run away, barricade, keep away from the pain, means you stay a lonely man. Cauterize, traumatize, cynical diatribe, keeps you with the upper hand. Run away, barricade, keep away from the pain, means you stay a lonely man. You Won't Believe Your Heart, that's why it ends before it ever starts. It's magic when two hearts just meet, telepathic while there's only mystique, love isn't a cage, it's an unwritten page.
Breaking ground, three steps up and only one step down, welcome to the new frontier. Oh baby, won't be spinning out, just building it up, not breaking it down. Doing all right, getting it right, so making it right this time it's Golden. Dragging round all the traffic from a past breakdown, burned the brakes out, but now I'm changing gears. Baby won't be spinning out, be building it up, be breaking new ground, doing all right, it's golden. I hear the humming hidden in forbidden frequencies, look out, incoming, broken words unable to be retrieved. Forget it, I'm hunting for a gin and tonic polyphonic breeze, inky clouds flying off the page, but we're sweet as 'cos we're doing all right, getting it right, so making it right this time it's Golden.
Black Water 03:18
Moonshower umbrella spinning round, under the misfit starlit backlit clouds we've run aground. Tunnel of Love's invitation fed the fire, but the dark river's intervention spins the gyre. Back when love was blind, it was Auld Lang Syne and she was mine, Black Water. Sipping PC9, hazy wintertime, breath drawn divine, black water. Every night we feel it, every time it flows away, oh every time we feed it, the undertow drags us away. Reflected constellations a spinning crown, like some rewound ghost town fairground ride grinding down. Let's fall back down, turn around, up or down, black water, follow it down underground, swim or drown, black water. Round and round the spiral goes, where it ends up no-one knows. Round and round the spiral grows, blindly ride where no-one goes. Every night we feel it, every time we're on our way. Every night we feel it, the undertow drags us away.
When she wants it, she wants it now, your sacrifice to the speed of sound, and it best be loud. She's got them, your bleeding hearts, crimson vinyl stamped in spirals, but enough's never enough. Sheer volume breaks us to smithereens, she screams, supersonic love goddess of noise, O My Sweet Cacophony. She's got it, she stole the show. When she lays waste to taste and harmony, the ghosts of rock will roll. O Sweet Cacophony!
Get to the part of, get to the heart of, a story where we make sense. Don't give me hard times, I'm stuck in this story line, just another NPC up in flames. This is a half-life, all checkpoints and boss fights, I'll just grind the hours away. Please save my highlights, show me the safety line, reloading...reloading...reloading...reloading...
Can't Align 03:45
So opposites attract? Is that a fact? I think the odds against us are stacked. Oh, here's a plan, a dire Venn diagram of you and I, our circles barely touch, cos' you and I Can't Align. Our paths diverge, although hormones surged, it's not to say we fought back the urge. Is there no cure? Our future obscure? Let's not get hasty or premature, though you and I can't align. Too many wheels stopped turning, torches stopped their burning, too many feelings hurting now. If black was grey, and if tears were waves, you and I could ride them, ‘cos you and I can't align.
Getaway 03:19
The pressure chamber's running red, the stones are bled. Dull ache between the scrutineyes, and our sense of humour's died, so lets Getaway, start the motor, get inside, get away now, turn it over, and drive. Hammer horror office lives, us zombies never fed, put a spanner in the gears my friend, put the monster in it's bed, and lets get away. Lets drive forever never slow, on roads that will not end, drop the top and mind the bats, wave goodbye to daily grind and lets just get away.
Last Call 03:56
Last fall you didn't break. Last call, heads or tails? Taxi waits. Uh oh, you blew every happy hour, but dry your eyes, and wave a flag for gods sake, there's no time to waste. Just come and get it, and love just kicking a wall, it's all you get, it's all debris, it's all you need it, Last Call. Kick it down now! Just haul it, call it, get up and go. Where's the after-after party?
Fever Dreams 02:03
Fever dreams are growing now.


In 2011 I began to develop an album towards my Master of Arts project. It was based around a set of experiments in limiting choice to enhance creativity when writing and producing as a solo artist in the recording studio. I played around with song structures, contrasting elements, prosody and the use of various metaphorical devices - both lyrically and musically.
Much of this album came out of that Masters project, but it took me a few more years to tease out what I felt were the successful parts and to repair or replace some of those ideas that didn’t work quite so well. I also had to refine the focus of the album, so some well-developed songs that didn’t fit were dropped, and others added, and somewhere during that entire process I also rediscovered my musical identity.
I certainly had an immense amount of fun making this album, and I sincerely hope that you find something that you like in it as well.


released September 25, 2016

All songs written by Zed Brookes, except “You Won’t Believe Your Heart” by Zed Brookes and Virginia Parslow. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Zed at home between 2012 and 2016 except Kingsley Melhuish’s brass parts recorded at Bronzewing Studios.
All instrumental and vocal parts performed by Zed, except:
Lead vocals on “Not the Girl You Were” by Jan Hellriegel,
Lead vocals on “Golden” by Katerina Theo,
Backing vocals on “Black Water” by Jean McAllister,
Backing vocals on “You Won’t Believe Your Heart” by Gini Parslow and Nina McSweeney.
Brass parts on “Fly When You’re Falling” by Kingsley Melhuish.
Artwork by Zed


all rights reserved



Zed Brookes Auckland, New Zealand

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